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July 14th, 2014, 6:18 pm

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It's not like I can wear *jeans* and a (faux-)leather jacket over, can I?
Also, the scientists I see at Uni don't go round wearing fancy business-corprate attire either.
(I had long hair for most of highschool ~ year 7 to yr 10)

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what about Chino-Pants? I'd say they fit business-attire, you could roll them up if they're too long, which is a good look for chinos, they are comfortable (at least the ones I own) and even if you buy them in the women's section, they'll probably look unisex.

I have two pairs (essentially the same pair twice) that fit really baggy but get tight around the ankle, they are awesome and work for formal occasions...and you could always just skip the jacket or go for a vest...have you tried a wool-cardigan? I think those look great over a button down shirt with a bow- or necktie.

Maybe a really short blazer might be an option? Then you don't have to worry about the fit around your hips and if you don't close the buttons, the fit will be looser, that's what I'm doing with mine when I don't feel like emphasizing curves.

I'm sure you already tried but anyway: What about the kid's/youth sections of clothes-stores? You might still find something fancy that fits your size but doesn't have a "curvy-fit"...I know a lot of people that are even a little taller than you and they buy a lot of clothes also tends to be cheaper but I don't know if that's a general rule ;)

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@AliceAcid: Thanks for all the suggestions! I will try. I never thought about chinos...

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